DIY / Hipster / Alternative / Bohemian Weddings

There are so many terms when it comes to describing weddings. Here are some of the trends over the last five years. Having a wedding that is personalized and inclusive of your values, personality and culture never goes out of style.

DIY: handmade details you made yourself

DIY is a broad term when applied to weddings. It can mean the style, theme, ambiance, decor, personal touches you choose to add.


photo by  rustic white photography | the every last detail


Alternative: non-traditional

According to Elle Magazine an alternative wedding is when “sweethearts put their own unique spin on the traditional ceremony, from exchanging vows in a yoga studio to celebrating on the streets of New York City.”

You could say these are alternatives to an expensive bash. Alternative weddings tend to include personalized and cultural elements. What are your thoughts?

Ruffled - photo by - Ruffled - photo by - Ruffled - photo by - Ruffled - photo by - Ruffled - photo by -

photos by jessica oh photography, martina micko photo, and tami melissa photography  | rufffled blog


Hipster: creative, quirky, personalized

There seems to be a few things hipster weddings have in common. Like DIY, the term hipster has been used broadly. You will see vintage and rustic elements in hipster weddings. Making the old new and embracing outdoor elements.

This hipster wedding definitely contains rustic elements.

Ohio-wedding-3 Ohio-wedding-4 Ohio-wedding-14 Ohio-wedding-15 Ohio-wedding-18 Ohio-wedding-23

photos by Red Gallery Photography  | 100 layer cake blog

Bohemian: Bohemian Wedding Theme is an eclectic mix of the hippie, nomad and gypsy lifestyle with an artistic flair.   Wikipedia uses the terms of free love, adventures, frugality and individuals involved with music, artistic or literary interests.

According to the wedding blog bloomed to last, boho weddings contain 5 elements:

1) Headbands & Flower Wreaths
2) Flowing and relaxed Wedding Dress
3) Mix & Match flowers, centerpieces, dishware, etc.
4) Lots of the outdoor & nature inspiration
5) A touch of whimsy

Ruffled - photo by - c-bold-geometric-wedding-inspiration-015 c-bold-geometric-wedding-inspiration-022 c-notwedding-nyc-martina-micko-36

photos by jbm wedding photography | rufffled blog

 Which style fits you? What elements do you want to incorporate into your wedding day? Whatever you decide know that you don’t have to stick to any label. Have fun, make it yours and enjoy your special day and the years to come.


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