The Wedding Planner

Wedding planning can be complicated and time consuming. Try to avoid putting it off because you don’t want to be in a situation where you’re rushed making decisions. With the help of this 12 month wedding planning schedule you’ll have it planned the way you want it in no time.



source: Shane Co |

Planning Tip # 1: Planning Tip # 1: Haven’t quite stowed away $20,000 for your dream wedding? Start saving now. Open a savings account with your fiance that can directly deposit a set amount, perhaps 10-20% of your income into the account each month.

Planning Tip # 2: Create a collage of wedding dress style you like before you go shopping (Pinterest is a great tool for this). Do your make up and hair similar to how you’ll want it for the big day so you will get a better idea of what you will look like walking down the aisle.

Planning Tip # 3: If your chosen venue doesn’t provide everything needed for the celebration, check out the International Special Events Society. You can search more than 5,000 professionals and you’ll find experts in every area.

Planning Tip # 4: If you aren’t sure of the proper way to word your invitations, or are dealing with a situation like divorced or deceased parents, consult Crane’s Wedding Blue Book for invitation guidelines.

Planning Tip # 5: The groom can wear anything of his choice as long as he can be distinguished from the groomsmen. The three most common choices are a tuxedo for formal late afternoon, a morning suit with cutaway jacket, or a standard business suit in black gray or brown. (And I would add military dress uniform for military weddings).

Planning Tip # 6: If you are writing your own vows use a tone that fits you. Don’t include deep passages just because you think it’s how it’s supposed to sound. Feel free to add a touch of human “I vow to become less cranky in the morning.”

Planning Tip # 7: When you have your final fitting, bring along your undergarments, shoes, jewelry, veil and any other accessories you plan to wear. If you’re deciding between a few different sets of accessories bring along a camera as well.

Planning Tip # 8: To ensure your photographer gets the best shot, give him good and bad photos of both of you prior to the wedding so he or she knows which angles work for you and which don’t. (And I would add: do an engagement shoot with your wedding photographer).

Planning Tip # 9: You and your fiance should sit down and select not only the first dance song but the tone of the party with all your favorite tunes. Make sure to include a “do not play” list so the “Electric Slide” doesn’t pop out of nowhere.

Planning Tip # 10: Ideas for figuring out the order of your wedding party without causing any tension: by height, by alphabetical order, by how long you have known them without regard to how close you are, or leave the decision up to the wedding coordinator and have nothing to do with it!

Planning Tip # 11: The rehearsal dinner can be less formal than the wedding reception, so have fun with it! Invite your close family, your wedding party, their dates as well as out-of-town guests who have traveled a long way to be with you. It’s a great way to introduce everyone before the actual ceremony.

Planning Tip # 12: After a year of planning and prepping the little details won’t seem to matter because by the end of it you married the person you love. Try to take in and remember how you felt over everything else.


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