Top Ten Engagement Photos Ideas

Why do couples do an engagement photo shoot? There are lots of reasons. First, the engagement shoot is a good way to become familiar with being in front of the camera before one’s wedding day. By having an engagement photo shoot the wedding photographer gets to familiarize herself with the best angles and poses for the couple. The couple and wedding photographer get to know each other which puts the couple at ease because they know what to expect during their wedding day. Another reason for an engagement session is to have images for Save the Date announcements and other keepsakes.
I’ve compiled a list of the top ten engagement photo ideas from some talented photographers.
Themed engagements
You can get really creative with your engagement pictures. Some talented couples have created engagement photos based on their favorite movie or love story. How about the Notebook? Or Breakfast at Tiffany’s?




photo by axioo
Adding a personalized element to an engagement session is sure to make the moment memorable. Maybe you enjoy picnics in the park or hanging out in an old pickup truck. These are great things to include in your photos.


photo by eric boneske
It’s fun to add quirky and off-beat elements to an engagement photo. It could be anything from a love of stuffed animals to video games or something random like giant bears.



photo by ann-kathrin koch
The more images showing the happy couple in action doing things they love the better! Playing in the snow, hiking, and enjoying a carnival ride are a few ideas.

Unique venues
Nothing beats the adventure of a nice location. Fun and authentic location ideas are a carnival, a pier, a city or state landmark, and a winery.



photo by eric bonske photography
Include best furry friends
It’s so much fun to include one’s pets in engagement photos. Pets seem to bring out the best in everyone.


photo by justin battenfield


Alma Mater
You can incorporate your school spirit by wearing t-shirts with your alma mater’s logo or getting some shots on campus at certain landmarks like a lecture hall.




photo by erin j. photography


You may want to channel your inner Elvis and Priscilla by taking a trip to the 50’s. Adding vintage elements is a fun way to bring some attitude to your photos. Popular vintage themes are eras like the 40’s and 50’s. Incorporating colors, fashion and accessories to reflect the vintage theme is a good start.



photo by leah moss photography
Chalk Art
Incorporating art in your engagement photos is a nice touch. Art adds variety so your photos are unexpected and fun. Chalk is fun because you can use it to draw on almost anything and wipe it off when you’re done. It’s a great way to get creative!

art engagement
Save the Date
What is the deal with save the dates? You may wonder why you need them since formal invites are sent out later. Save the dates are a good idea because it helps to set the date for everyone and solidify the planning process; you’ll likely get more positive RSVP’s. Guests can plan far in advance, since save the dates are sent out 6-9 months prior to the wedding date. And most guests enjoy receiving a save the date.


photo by ericbonske photography



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