Bakery ‘My Sweet Austin’ Exceed Expectations with High Quality Custom Cakes

According to the The Association for Wedding Professionals International the average wedding budget is $20,000 annually. This is a large number for some and a small number for others. In the end, we all want invest money in places where we find the best value and service for our event.

As we all know, there are many components that go into a wedding. Each small detail is very important to our overall happiness of the end result – our special day. We create weddings like we create dreams. We dress everyone up in their finest, select food that tastes amazing, and look for the best music to float to our ears as we walk down to our beloved. Therefore, we want security.Security in knowing that our hard-earned money is put to perfect use in the pursuit of our ultimate wedding scene.

In Austin, there are many vendors to choose from for your wedding. This is the wonderful part about living in such a diverse and creative city. This begs the question amongst brides “Who do you recommend?” In this posting the recommendation is My Sweet Austin, owned and operated by the extremely talented Sara Orenstein Mayes.

Specializing in custom cakes and desserts, My Sweet Austin prides itself in creative exquisite memorable pieces of baking art. With a degree in Baking and Pastry arts from the International Culinary Center, Sara is dedicated to a high standard that sets her services apart of any other.

In these times of pinching pennies we want security. You will feel in great hands with Sara at My Sweet Austin. You will be supporting a local business and a wonderful artform that over delivers on it’s investment.

What People Are Saying about My Sweet Austin

“Best.Wedding.Cake.EVER.” -Jamie K.,

“Yummy!  Delicious and amazing cupcakes!” -Dr. Tenesha W.,

“I contacted Sara with very short notice to create a cake for my 1 year old’s birthday party and she exceeded my expectations!” -Jannette W.,

(My Sweet Austin contains a 5 star Yelp rating. Ref:


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