Top Three Wedding Planning Tips

Whether you are a wedding planner or a bride looking to select a wedding planner. Make sure you have these three core essentials for a smooth and fun wedding. Brides: Be sure to ask the wedding planner you call if they have these three in their skill set. This will safe you time and money. Planners: Make sure you invite some of these ideas into your regular wedding procedures. Tell your brides that you have them available. They will feel more at ease with going with you as their wedding day guide. 



One of the most valuable traits of a good wedding planner is organization. Organization is the one aspect that keeps each wedding running smoothly. Successful wedding planners use large three-ring binders for each individual wedding to keep everything in check and organized.


Guest Relations

Don’t always assume that the guests know how to get to the wedding location. Be sure to include a map to the ceremony/reception site(s) for every guest that is presumed coming. You can do this by sending a nice email to everyone or by including it with each invitation. This will also give he bride one less thing to worry about.


Safety First
A wedding is also a party. A celebration of the love of two people that are special in our lives. When you get a big group of people together there is always an issue of safety. Select a direct emergency plan that will offer a a safe plan for your guest to rely on in the event of an emergency. Make sure you have a emergency kit with all of the essentials; needle and thread, scissors, safety pins, tissues, medicine(pain killers), etc.





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