Top Five Ways to Stay Within Your Wedding Budget

In this publication, we will explore ways in which you can have an amazing wedding and save money along the way. Some of the tips discussed might seem trivial or elementary. Nevertheless, the small changes we make in our budget effects our over spending outcome.

  1.  Math Never Lies. Consider how many people are going to likely show up at your wedding reception to eat. If a plate costs $50, by cutting 10 people from your invitation list you will save $500. That can be a big savings by making some simple and honest adjustments to your guest list. 
  2. Be honest with yourself about who you want at your wedding. I have often thought that a wedding a live production that can get more complicated the more people you get involved. So let’s be honest, who do you want at your event? It would be more cost effective all around if you were to focus in on the top #1 people you want at your wedding. This would mean less chairs, tables, catering, wine, etc. This would also lessen the all around stress level when the actual day happens.
  3. Make up a classy backyard scene for your reception. We can all agree that the wedding venue is incredibly important. Both for presentation of the wedding but also for memories. We all love to enter a grand cathedral or small country church for the joining of true love. Following this special event we find ourselves at yet another venue/connection to the wedding venue building celebrating with our friends and family. If we look around and ask around, we can find a quaint backyard of a local family members that can serve as a perfect environment for the reception. If we are having an out of town wedding, post an post on craigstlist asking for a large backyard and what you are willing to pay. Even by paying a small amount for someone else’s backyard use we will save money. By doing this will we also create more ease for set up, break down, and end result costs.
  4. Do you deliver? When you are looking at companies that will be employed through your wedding, make sure you understand their delivery fee policies. Fees for delivering can range from $50-$600, depending on what they are delivering and how big your wedding is. This might envolve: chairs, tables, people, food, couches, flowers, and so on. Step back and take a look at things that you can have delivered by family and friends. This could completely cut your delivery costs. Another way to get around this to look for a venue that offers things you might need delivered already with the venue. Things you could ask you venue manager about would be: Tables, chairs, displays, and lighting.
  5. Wedding Day Selection. From a recent poll done by an online wedding website found that only 44% of couple know the date they want for their wedding. When you select the date you want your wedding on, look ahead and see what day of the week it falls on. Dates that fall on Fridays, Saturdays, or Sundays are dates that are in high demand. Therefore, venues could(and do)raise their prices during those peak days. You could cut your venue costs by up to 50% by choosing a weekday instead of a weekend – i.e. less in demand days.



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