The Most Important Presentation Principle: Instructing with the Edge

A student of mine recently spoke of his distaste for practicing. I asked him why he had such a bad taste towards this timeless art. The problem was just that, he didn’t view it as a timeless art, but a chore. This is something that concerned me immediately by asking him how it could be made better. His answer astonished me, and made sense: He bluntly stated that the whole idea of practicing would change for him if it was fun. Fun, I thought, why didn’t I think of that?

Children, young-adults, and grown-ups all want to have fun. “Fun”, as defined by as the following:

Enjoyment, amusement, or lighthearted pleasure: “anyone who turns up can join in the fun”.
Amusing, entertaining, or enjoyable: “it was a fun evening”.
Joke or tease: “no need to get sore—I was only funning”; “they are just funning you”.
noun. amusement – joke – sport – jest – lark – entertainment
verb. joke – jest – banter – jape – lark

If you notice, the word “amuse” comes up the most (3) out of all of the descriptive words used to define Fun.

When you define “amuse”, via, you receive the following:

  1. Cause (someone) to find something funny; entertain.
  2. Provide interesting and enjoyable occupation for (someone).
entertain – divert – recreate – tickle

If you notice, the word “entertain” comes up the most (2) out of all of the descriptive words used to define Amuse.

When you define “entertain”, via, you receive the following:

  1. Provide (someone) with amusement or enjoyment.
  2. Receive (someone) as a guest and provide food and drink.
amuse – divert

After looking this over, you will now see that we have made a circle, coming back to the word “amuse” as the primary word used in the descriptive definition of entertain.

This is interesting, could it simply mean that in order for one to have “fun” they need the following two components?:

1. Amusement

2. Entertainment

Arguing as truth, what does it take to give someone this sense of “fun” as you are trying to impart valuable information to them? The key word is, ENGAGEMENT. Look, I’ll give you the formula – step-by-step:

Step ONE: Understanding your core message. You should be able to narrow this down to 2-6 words, and 1-2 phrases.

Step TWO: Understand the way(vehicle)you are going to deliver the message. I.e. A game, questions, quizes, trivia, stories, etc. The question here is, “How am I going to disguise my message?” Think of it as when you were a child. Your mother didn’t give you straight medication, she disguised it via jelly or applesauce.

Step THREE: The vehicle must engage in order for longevity. Does your vehicle leave a lasting taste that will enable the listener the access to the information over a long period of time. This is why stories and games are really important.


If you are able to fill in these three steps for your next presentation, you will have a lasting impression on the ones that hear your instruction. When this is done correctly, the information you are imparting will go beyond you as an individual. This is the goal. When someone is able to say ten years from now, “Hey, remember that game we played in order to learn cell production and turn over rates? Yeah, that was a great game!” You see, they remember the game, but your information is tightly and securely wrapped right there with their solid memory that was fastened via an activity that required their engagement.


The Disney Princess Craze hits Adults with Disney Wedding Dresses


As the Disney princess themes take hold in the hearts and minds of little girls all over the world, just when you think it couldn’t go any further, the craze has received attention by brides-to-be looking for a unique, yet elegant Disney touch.

Disney wedding dresses have taken the wedding industry by storm as a new ‘norm’ amongst newly engaged brides. Many traditionalist might scoff at the idea of showcasing a Disney themed dress on their special day. However, these dresses aren’t as you might think. They aren’t littered with patterns of assorted Disney princesses on them. They aren’t colored in bright pink and yellow like the toys in the stores. Each dress has been expertly crafted to look like actual princess dresses. As pictured above, you see that these dresses are legitimately made dresses. Therefore, maybe having a Disney dress for your wedding wouldn’t be such a bad thing. If you have a children that you plan to have involved in your wedding, this might add a fun little component for them, knowing it’s a ‘princess’ dress. Remember your special day is a magical time, fit to your detailed specifications. And if you are looking for an added little secret, beautiful, and unique aspect to your wedding consider looking into the Disney princess wedding dress.


Bakery ‘My Sweet Austin’ Exceed Expectations with High Quality Custom Cakes

According to the The Association for Wedding Professionals International the average wedding budget is $20,000 annually. This is a large number for some and a small number for others. In the end, we all want invest money in places where we find the best value and service for our event.

As we all know, there are many components that go into a wedding. Each small detail is very important to our overall happiness of the end result – our special day. We create weddings like we create dreams. We dress everyone up in their finest, select food that tastes amazing, and look for the best music to float to our ears as we walk down to our beloved. Therefore, we want security.Security in knowing that our hard-earned money is put to perfect use in the pursuit of our ultimate wedding scene.

In Austin, there are many vendors to choose from for your wedding. This is the wonderful part about living in such a diverse and creative city. This begs the question amongst brides “Who do you recommend?” In this posting the recommendation is My Sweet Austin, owned and operated by the extremely talented Sara Orenstein Mayes.

Specializing in custom cakes and desserts, My Sweet Austin prides itself in creative exquisite memorable pieces of baking art. With a degree in Baking and Pastry arts from the International Culinary Center, Sara is dedicated to a high standard that sets her services apart of any other.

In these times of pinching pennies we want security. You will feel in great hands with Sara at My Sweet Austin. You will be supporting a local business and a wonderful artform that over delivers on it’s investment.

What People Are Saying about My Sweet Austin

“Best.Wedding.Cake.EVER.” -Jamie K.,

“Yummy!  Delicious and amazing cupcakes!” -Dr. Tenesha W.,

“I contacted Sara with very short notice to create a cake for my 1 year old’s birthday party and she exceeded my expectations!” -Jannette W.,

(My Sweet Austin contains a 5 star Yelp rating. Ref:

Top Three Wedding Planning Tips

Whether you are a wedding planner or a bride looking to select a wedding planner. Make sure you have these three core essentials for a smooth and fun wedding. Brides: Be sure to ask the wedding planner you call if they have these three in their skill set. This will safe you time and money. Planners: Make sure you invite some of these ideas into your regular wedding procedures. Tell your brides that you have them available. They will feel more at ease with going with you as their wedding day guide. 



One of the most valuable traits of a good wedding planner is organization. Organization is the one aspect that keeps each wedding running smoothly. Successful wedding planners use large three-ring binders for each individual wedding to keep everything in check and organized.


Guest Relations

Don’t always assume that the guests know how to get to the wedding location. Be sure to include a map to the ceremony/reception site(s) for every guest that is presumed coming. You can do this by sending a nice email to everyone or by including it with each invitation. This will also give he bride one less thing to worry about.


Safety First
A wedding is also a party. A celebration of the love of two people that are special in our lives. When you get a big group of people together there is always an issue of safety. Select a direct emergency plan that will offer a a safe plan for your guest to rely on in the event of an emergency. Make sure you have a emergency kit with all of the essentials; needle and thread, scissors, safety pins, tissues, medicine(pain killers), etc.




Top Five Ways to Stay Within Your Wedding Budget

In this publication, we will explore ways in which you can have an amazing wedding and save money along the way. Some of the tips discussed might seem trivial or elementary. Nevertheless, the small changes we make in our budget effects our over spending outcome.

  1.  Math Never Lies. Consider how many people are going to likely show up at your wedding reception to eat. If a plate costs $50, by cutting 10 people from your invitation list you will save $500. That can be a big savings by making some simple and honest adjustments to your guest list. 
  2. Be honest with yourself about who you want at your wedding. I have often thought that a wedding a live production that can get more complicated the more people you get involved. So let’s be honest, who do you want at your event? It would be more cost effective all around if you were to focus in on the top #1 people you want at your wedding. This would mean less chairs, tables, catering, wine, etc. This would also lessen the all around stress level when the actual day happens.
  3. Make up a classy backyard scene for your reception. We can all agree that the wedding venue is incredibly important. Both for presentation of the wedding but also for memories. We all love to enter a grand cathedral or small country church for the joining of true love. Following this special event we find ourselves at yet another venue/connection to the wedding venue building celebrating with our friends and family. If we look around and ask around, we can find a quaint backyard of a local family members that can serve as a perfect environment for the reception. If we are having an out of town wedding, post an post on craigstlist asking for a large backyard and what you are willing to pay. Even by paying a small amount for someone else’s backyard use we will save money. By doing this will we also create more ease for set up, break down, and end result costs.
  4. Do you deliver? When you are looking at companies that will be employed through your wedding, make sure you understand their delivery fee policies. Fees for delivering can range from $50-$600, depending on what they are delivering and how big your wedding is. This might envolve: chairs, tables, people, food, couches, flowers, and so on. Step back and take a look at things that you can have delivered by family and friends. This could completely cut your delivery costs. Another way to get around this to look for a venue that offers things you might need delivered already with the venue. Things you could ask you venue manager about would be: Tables, chairs, displays, and lighting.
  5. Wedding Day Selection. From a recent poll done by an online wedding website found that only 44% of couple know the date they want for their wedding. When you select the date you want your wedding on, look ahead and see what day of the week it falls on. Dates that fall on Fridays, Saturdays, or Sundays are dates that are in high demand. Therefore, venues could(and do)raise their prices during those peak days. You could cut your venue costs by up to 50% by choosing a weekday instead of a weekend – i.e. less in demand days.