Modern Improvisation Part II



In my first paper on modern improvisation I simply expresse the origins and sources from which a creator may gain their inspiration for improvisational experimentation. The source of our inspiration is a very important aspect of creation. As you continue to explore and create, this process may become easier. This easiness comes from your mind opening easier and easier. Recognizing this is key. Becoming aware of your mind opening is key to your success as an improviser. In fact, this may be the single most important internal process in the art of creating. As this option becomes more readily available to you, noticing the happenings that present themselves as a byproduct is paramount. Situations and creative options will present themselves to you in a easier to digest mannor. Some of them, seemingly above your current level. The possibilities will start to roll out to you. At this point, it is truly up to you of what you do with these options. This is, simply put, a paradigm shift. You are starting to see things in a different way. You will start looking to your imagination instead of your memory. You will continue to use the learned tools that you have used in the past. But instead of letting those tools take hold, you will allow them to be tools in service of your fresh creative ideas. This power can seem intimidating, as it should. At this juncture, you may not completely understand how or where this power applies in your creative life yet. This is normal and okay. For this is process is just that, a process of steps – steps which should be taken. Also, you may start to see your art form change in color and tone. When this happens, remember not to flood your art with anxiety. Embracing change will be one of the single most important personality characteristics you could possibly cultivate. Furthermore, this process of improvisation is a direct cultivation catalyst for this change in your mind. You will think differently. You will see things differently. You will approach situations different. You will be doing things differently due what improvisation offers to your mind. Improvisation itself is the other half to constructed forms, we know this. However, truly experiencing this shift in mind frame to that other half of creativity may seem disorienting. Become comfortable. Become frequent with this feeling. Allow the free flowing feeling of creativity to completely take hold of your current understanding, and create through you. This letting of creative flow is a constant of letting go. Letting yourself go to the possibilities that have always been there, but now present themselves to you, is the first step in a millian mile journey of creativity.


Thomas McGregor


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