Stella by Starlight | Miles Davis | SONG STUDY

Recently, I have taken on the seemingly philosophical challenge of preparing a solo violin arrangement of Victor Young’s composition “Stella by Starlight” for recording. During this process of immense submersion I have found that there are deep subtleties that surround the melodic shifting of this song. Mainly, I have been referencing the live Miles Davis recording from New York. This recording diligently shows that for which Stella by Starlight can encompass. For each song carries its own platform for which the performer is to stand on. From there, the performer has the choice to go from that platform in the manner he sees fit. Stella by Starlight is a gentle song asking to be articulated and evolved. Mr. Young was very crafty in his way of allowing space for the interpreter of his music to grow and learn as the interpreter grows and learns. Therefore, Stella by Starlight is more than a song, it is a place for which we can all start a-new. A place for which we can experiment with our surroundings. And finally, a place where we can create a world of our own.

By: Thomas McGregor, Violin


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