Thomas McGregor, Violinist |Voted #4 in Austin|


Source:  Brent Allen
On March 14, 2012 Thomas McGregor was voted 2011-2012’s Austin Music Awards #4 Violinist under the Best String Players in Austin, TX USA.


Sometimes particular events happen in your life that cycle through inspiration, drive, and recognition. This is once of those instances. For I am truly honored and humbled by this news! My only hope is that this life placement on the 2012 Austin Music Awards nominee list will inspire younger generations of string students and performers. We don’t have knowledge of the future, but I will be looking to it for an intensifying of inspiration.

-Thomas McGregor, Violinist

March 15th, 2012 

  • Best String Players 2011-2012

Warren Hood, fiddle

2) Ruby Jane, fiddle
3) Jason Roberts, fiddle
4) Thomas McGregor, fiddle
5) Cody Braun
6) Sarah Jarosz, banjo
7) Diana Burgess, cello
8) Haydn Vitera, violin
9) Govinda, violin
10) Max Johnston, fiddle, mandolin


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