Fritz Kreisler |Violinist. Composer. Visionary|

By: Thomas McGregor
TM Solo Violinist
March 14th 2012

Violinist  Friedrich “Fritz” Kreisler was born on the 2nd of February, 1875, Vienna.

His sound and technical ability is legendary. For when Kreisler first set out into the world it is wondered if he ever knew that he would have the influence that he would on the world of violin, and music. Composing over 200 works, his career and legacy lives on in the lives of artists from generation to generation. Known for his accuracy in tonal quality and boundary breaking style, he has(and continues to)set a standard of musical excellence based in quality and class.

Mr. Kreisler will leave behind something that is special. Something that can only be recreated through the listening of his recordings. For we can learn from him that we can, as he did, approach our life with: music as – grace and knowledge, the shaping of our environment, and the letting go into the seemingly unknowing and[possibly] forbidden territories of our everyday existence.

Further Readings
L. Lochner, F. K. (N.Y., 1950; 3rd ed., rev., 1981); A. Bell, F. K. REMEMBERED: A TRIBUTE (Braunton, Devon, 1992); A. Biancolli, F. K.: LOVE’S SORROW, LOVE’S JOY (Portland, Ore., 1998). |Source|


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