|Thomas McGregor, Violinist to Teach at O’Connor Method Camp, Charleston|

Thomas McGregor, violinist was one of nearly half a dozen faculty members that attended and taught at the first O’Connor Method Camp in August of 2011. The camp is a diverse atmosphere that amplifies each student’s unique and talented perspective on the violin. The days spent at the camp are those of classes, masterclasses, and jam sessions led by seasoned and educated instructors. Furthermore, this camp is not limited to age or musical ability level. For all are welcome, and all are encouraged to be the very best they can be. Nestled in historic downtown Charleston, South Carolina Thomas will join the ranks of some of the best violin instructors in the North America. Their conference together, during this summer camp, spark new compositions, recordings, and life long friendships. Thomas will be head of teaching music improvisation classes, as well as giving lectures and masterclasses with an individualized philosophy.  Each student is given the attention as if they were the private students, of these renowned teachers. If you are looking for a set of fun musical loving people with the desire to share information and passion, then this is your camp this summer!

Camp Website |CLICK HERE|

2011 Camp Student Body with Instructors

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