Vocabulary Word: Liederbuch


[G.] A term commonly applied to 15th/16th century collections of german song, mainly: (a) Lochamer or Liederbuch, circa 1450.

The Lochamer Liederbuch  is the most important source of early German folk  song (some monophonic, some in three voice composition). The tow other collections contain, in addition to vocal pieces, interesting intrumental  dances and canons. 

Important 16th century publications in relation to the word Liederbuch, include:

Oeglin’s Liederbuch of 1512 and Ott’s Liederbuch of 1544, both containing 4-part arrangements of songs. 


|source: The Harvard Dictionary of Music, 1956: Cambridge, Mass.{Thomas McGregor}|




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